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‘As one person I cannot change the world but I can change the world of one person.’

Paul Shane Spear

What we do

Tiny Toes Tiny Feet collects donations of pre-loved items such as baby equipment, clothes, toys, books and other essentials such as formula and nappies. Our volunteers individually select items and give them to families who need help and support.

Who we help

We support mothers and families experiencing hardship, by providing them with good quality pre-loved items and essentials. Tiny Toes Tiny Feet works in partnership with support services such as children’s centres, health visitors and social services agencies, as well as with individuals. All donations go direct to families, and each item to someone who really needs support. 

Who We Are

Samantha Negbenebor, Founder

Samantha lives in Northwood and is a working mum of three. She understands how expensive having children can be, especially for families who are facing financial hardship. She set up Tiny Toes Tiny Feet in 2015, having rallied her ‘mummy’ friends to donate their pre-loved baby items to a young girl who desperately needed support. Samantha is a professional CIPD Qualified Recruiter and offers programmes that help mothers get back into work, if faced with unemployment. This may be with help in writing a CV, interview techniques or general career advice.

Our Volunteers

Tiny Toes Tiny Feet couldn’t function without our team of amazing volunteers, who help with administration, sorting and packing, and making deliveries. 

Jay Blades

Jay Blades MBE is our ambassador for Tiny Toes Tiny Feet. He is best known for being the presenter of BBC’s The Repair Shop and Money for Nothing, and is also a modern restorer and eco designer, with his own studio in Shropshire. Jay is originally from Hackney and heard about Tiny Toes Tiny Feet when his cousin was volunteering. He hopes to be able to help to raise the profile of Tiny Toes Tiny Feet, which will in turn help to support even more mothers and families in need of support.

Agencies we support

  • Hillingdon Children & Families
  • Hillingdon Women’s Centre
  • Latin American Women’s Right Service (including Midwives & Health Visitors)
  • Hestia
  • Southall Black Sisters
  • Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust
  • Migrants Organise
  • Refugee Council

Our Partners